Instructional Design | eLearning

Hi, I'm Cheryl! I am a passionate Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer with 17 years of experience creating authentic, engaging, high-quality curriculum for learners in instructor led, hybrid, and E-Learning settings.

I am a people focused person who thrives off building mutually respectful relationships. Skilled in qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, I have experience using it to identify learning gaps and create equitable instruction tailored to a diverse set of learners and stakeholders. I would love to contribute my skills and expertise to an organization that supports the professional and personal growth of their people.

When not working, I oscillate from one interest or another, but the main through-lines include: sewing, pattern and fabric design, gardening, gaming, listening to music, doodling, crafting, running (training for Chicago Marathon 2022 šŸ˜¬) and traveling.

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In April of 2022 I enrolled in IDOL (Instructional Design & Online Learning) Academy to refine my eLearning and Instructional Design skills, so that I can apply them outside of traditional educational settings for adult learners. The badges reflect a successful analysis, design, development, implementation, and assessment process. Select any of the badges below to learn more about the certifications I've earned.

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