Instructional Design | eLearning

Training Credentials

Earners have demonstrated the ability to apply the instructional design ADDIE process to create an online portfolio and a minimum of 3 separate learning designs. Earners are able to select, edit, design, and modify a website. These candidates are able to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate learning designs for a corporate audience. Earners are also able to pass an assessment for their knowledge of instructional design principles and theories.

By the end of this course students are skilled in the Articulate Storyline® software. They are able to identify and interact with the user interface, create their first project, add buttons and hotspots, add layers and lightboxes, add drag and drop interactions, create user input interactions, insert media and audio, add animations and transitions, create quizzes, and publish the files for review, the LMS, or in HTML formats. Learners demonstrate and apply each skill throughout the course.

Earners are able to create professional Vyond® animations. They know how to use the Vyond® software and apply the basic principles of animation to their videos. These candidates have demonstrated the correct application of the principal features of Vyond. They are able to design and develop an animation in Vyond® for a variety of purposes and situations.

Cohort 10 represents a significant milestone for the IDOL courses Academy℠, our team, staff, and students. The IDOL courses Academy℠ was started in July 2019 as a way to help people make the transition to corporate instructional design and online learning. Since then, our program has expanded, improved, and upgraded to a recognized and authorized vocational trade school. We are thrilled with the success of our alumni from cohorts past and we're eager to see where the alumni of cohort 10 end up!