Instructional Design | eLearning


Job Aid

Tools: Canva

Time: 1.5 hours

Client: YES WTHS!


Yes WTHS! Is a community group made up of parents, alumni, and community members who are engaged civically. The district has tried and failed to pass a tax increase to fund the high school in 2020 and is attempting to pass a tax increase in 2022.

The Yes WTHS! group reached out for assistance regarding organizing a voter registration event. Whilst discussing the event, they expressed a new interest in using Slack as a communication tool.

Upon consultation of the specific use of Slack, it was clear the group was using the app on a surface level, and could benefit from a resource or training to deepen their knowledge and skills.


Create a Slack 101 glossary that the community group could use to orient them to the basic functions of Slack.


Members of the Yes WTHS! Slack group were assigned to specific channels in relation to their involvement. Members became more active in their assigned Slack channels.