Instructional Design | eLearning

Bismarck Brewing Company

Job Aids

Tools: Articulate Rise

Time: 5 hours

Client: Bismarck Brewing (Fictional Client; based on real brewery)

Collaborators: N/A


Bismarck Brewery opened a taproom, serving draft beers & pre-packaged snacks. The bartenders are family members, friends, & beer enthusiasts willing to help out. Bismarck Brewery's owner observed that not all bartenders handled glassware properly, resulting in glasses breaking. Combined with 1-2% breakage per week from customers, glassware costs are cutting into profit margins. Bartenders also skipped an important cleaning process prior to pouring & serving beer to customers, leading to complaints about the look and taste of the beer.


Create an eLearning course to train bartenders on glassware safety and cleanliness standards. The eLearning course would be followed by in-person mentoring, and the job aids featured would be posted behind the bar for bartenders to reference if needed.


Bartenders reported to the owners that they felt increased confidence in their glassware handling. Negative customer feedback cards and on-line reviews decreased by 10% within the first month of implementing the training program.