Instructional Designer | E-Learning Developer

Glassware Best Practices

eLearning Course

Tools: Articulate Rise

Time: 5 hours

Client: Bismarck Brewing (Fictional Client; based on real brewery)

Collaborators: N/A


Bismarck Brewery opened a taproom, serving draft beers & pre-packaged snacks. The bartenders are family members, friends, & beer enthusiasts willing to help out. Bismarck Brewery's owner observed that not all bartenders handled glassware properly, resulting in glasses breaking. Combined with 1-2% breakage per week from customers, glassware costs are cutting into profit margins. Bartenders also skipped an important cleaning process prior to pouring & serving beer to customers, leading to complaints about the look and taste of the beer.


E-learning is the best solution in this case to inform bartenders of best practices with handling, cleaning, storing, and inspecting glassware. The e-learning will be followed up with one-on-one training and small group in-person sessions to apply the actions into real-world practice.


The owners and head brewers were able to have more time to focus on brewing beer and planning for future brews. Head bartenders were able to implement a consistent training with part-time and volunteer bartenders, and could use the learning objectives to evaluate performances and provide feedback. This led to reduced breakage of glassware amongst bartenders and increased retention of volunteer bartenders.